It’s a long road to the finished film. On this page we would like to give you an overview of where we are at the moment with [W]holehearted, what work has already been completed and what is still ahead of us. By the way – we can still use help at any point. If you want to be part of the team or support us with prayer or a donation – write to us!

Story & development
Story development & First draft of the script
Script feedback & revision
Final draft of the script
Exposé, project package, web- and social media appearance
look development / audiovisual design / first moodboards / first storyboards
Preliminary calculation / cost estimate / budget determination
Funding plan
Funding (percentage of funding goal reached)
Pre production & production
crew composition & casting
Location search
Wardrobe / props
camera pre-production / shot list / storyboard / lighting prep
Principal photography (production)
Post production
Visual Effects
Sound design / music / sound mixing
Color grading
Production of english audio version
Release & Outreach
Online presentation
Release of German language version (video plattforms, film website, etc.)
Release of English language version (video plattforms, film website, etc.)
Bonus material: DVD, Blu-ray, etc.